Database Activity

Product Summary

Database Activity consists of four separate utilities that monitor database user activity by analyzing the user activity log in Notes databases. Below is a brief description of those four utilities.

Key Features:

  • Activity Summaries: Identify the last date a database was used and the last person to use it.
  • Mail File Activity: Identify users that have not accessed their own mail files recently. This can be helpful in finding users have been terminated, but still have a mail file.
  • Activity Alarms: Identify users that have large numbers of reads in sensitive databases.
  • Activity Details: Track detailed database activity for selected databases beyond the 1400 user activity entries maintained by Notes.

Activity Summaries:

  • Identify databases that are not being used and delete them to clean up your servers.
  • Identify and get rid of unused databases before moving to a new version of Notes or before migrating to Office 365.
  • Records the number of reads and writes for the most recent day, week, or month and for the entire recorded history of each database.
  • Can exclude user activity entries for specific servers or users to eliminate entries created by server to server replication or for administrators performing routine maintenance.

Mail File Activity:

  • Identifies mail files that have not been used recently.
  • Identifies users that have not read their own mail recently. This may indicate users that have been terminated.
  • Identifies users that are reading or writing to someone else's mail file. This tool can be useful as part of a security audit.

Activity Alarms:

  • Monitors databases for a high number of reads or writes. If a user reads or writes more records than the threshold that you set, an alarm is generated and either mailed to the specified person or recorded in the Activity Alarms database or both.
  • Identifies high number of reads in a database with sensitive information. This could indicate a user printing a large number of documents or copying/replicating the entire database.
  • Optionally specify users or servers that will not generate an alarm no matter how many reads or writes they have.

Activity Details:

  • Maintains detailed user activity records for specified databases.
  • View activity sorted by user, number of reads or writes, or activity date.
  • Each Notes database retains no more than 1400 user activity entries. Activity Details will retain all user activity details, even for very active databases that generate 1400 entries every day.

Sample Screen Shots


Database Activity Documentation

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Database Activity 3.0 Trial Version And Documentation

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Installation Instructions

  • Database Activity is a collection of Notes databases. There are no .DLLs or .EXEs. No restart of your workstation or server will be needed after installation.
  • Download and unzip DATABASEACTIVITY30TRIAL.ZIP by clicking on the above link.
  • Database Activity can be run from a server or a workstation. Select the server or workstation to install Database Activity on.
  • The unzipped files should be placed in a folder under the data directory (c:\notes\data\databaseactivity or something similar).
  • Open DBADOC.NSF and follow the instructions for setting up Database Activity.
  • Contact if you have problems or questions.

Trial Version Limitations

There is no time limit for the Database Activity trial version. The trial version is fully functional, but only databases with file names starting with the letters 'a' through 'm' will be processed. Databases with file names starting with the letters 'n' through 'z' will not be processed when using the trial version.

Purchase Database Activity

Specifications: Database Activity requires Notes/Domino 6 or later and 32 bit Notes/Domino. Even though this product requires 32 bit Notes / Domino to run, it can read user activity information for databases on any server using any version of Domino and any operating system. This product can be run on a Windows server or on a Windows workstation and process databases on any Domino server.

Pricing: Database Activity is licensed per installed copy. Pricing for Database Activity is $299.00 US per license. Annual maintenance is available for $39.00 US. This product is available for download only. This product is licensed per installed copy. Database Activity is available for download only. This license is a perpetual license.