Product Summary
Personalize Lotus Notes memos with data from a Lotus Notes database or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Send memos to all or selected users in a Lotus Notes database or Excel spreadsheet and include values from document fields or column values in each memo.

Just set up the memo you want to use and include placeholders for data from the merged Lotus Notes or Excel data and Mail Merge will do the rest.

Mail Merge has been successfully tested with Lotus Notes 8.5.1, Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.

Mail Merge can be used to merge with a sales database to automatically send follow up memos to customers or prospects including data like products that they are interested in, products they have already purchased, etc.  Mail Merge can also be used to send a memo to all users on a mail server letting them know it will be down for maintenance.  The possibilities are endless.

A sample is included to show how you can easily send a welcome document to new Lotus Notes users as they are registered.

Key Features
  • Send memos to all email addresses in a Lotus Notes database or view.
  • Optionally send a memo to each specified person.  No need to put all users in the blind copy to field to prevent each person from seeing all recipients.
  • Merge memos with any Lotus Notes database.  Send memos to prospects personalized with name, email address, products they are interested in, etc.
  • Merge memos with text field data.
  • Merge memos with multi-value text field data.
  • Merge memos with formula values.
  • Include attachments, tables and anything else that can be included in a Lotus Notes rich text field.
  • Send memos using a scheduled agent.
  • Send memos immediately or save them and send them later (manually or by scheduled agent)
  • Use your own Do Not Send Lotus Notes database to prevent sending to selected users.

Download Trial Version

Mail Merge requires Notes 6 or later and can be installed on a server or a workstation.

Mail Merge is available for $129.00 US. This product is licensed per user and is available for download only.

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Mail Merge