ID Manager and Power Tools

HELP Software tools have been a huge help to our company. We have very specific needs when creating / updating/terminating users that when done manually, takes probably 10-20 minutes per user at each stage. With ID Manager, it's now down to selecting the correct profile, and entering 3 fields - about 30 seconds? With a staff reduction, this tool has been a life-saver.

And as for Power Tools, we've been using for over a year, and I continue to find more uses for it all the time.

Amy Luu

ID Manager and Power Tools

We are enthusiastic users of both ID Manager and Power Tools. ID Manager has enabled to us to devolve the creation of Notes user IDs direct to users and to reduce the turn-round time to a few hours whilst retaining overall approval and control. More importantly it has enabled us to enforce a consistency vital to our global multi-platform directory , our bespoke requirements being easily incorporated into this highly flexible tool. Power Tools is, quite simply, a must have! If you were to write just one of these utilities yourself it would cost you more than the whole suite. The ACL and group search and replace facilities are just as powerful as those in more expensive products and the tool for analysing large mail files is superb. We are particularly impressed in the rate of development of the products and how positively suggestions for improvements are considered.

David Clark
TNT Post Group

ID Manager

I have used ID Manager for well over two years and have found it to be one of the most useful pieces of utility software I have ever used. The fact that most of the design is open means that it can be easily customised to a customers exact requirements, and "stitched in" to other existing systems. I recommended the product to a major UK utility company to manage the creation of over 12,000 user IDs for a mail roll out - deskilling the job of user creation created a huge saving on administration resources, and increased the security and reliability of the process. Top marks.

Nick Kendle

ID Manager

ID Manager is a GREAT tool. It automates many of the tasks associated with Notes ID administration which reduces the time and effort to administer ID's. EX. automatically archiving new ID's with the password and adding a terminated user to a deny access group. I highly recommend this tool for Notes ID Administration. In fact, I can't imagine Notes ID administration without it.

Valerie Allen
IT Solutions Specialist
Hewlett Packard

ID Manager

By the way, I have to tell you how pleased we are with ID Manager, we are using only the New user and Terminations so far, but it's saving us a great deal of time and in particular with the terminations no risk of steps being missed as we commonly have with the manual process.

Brian McCabe
Health Canada

Database Activity

Our needs for this tool were fairly limited and short-term, as we wanted to do a comprehensive survey across our 7 production Notes servers to learn which of our several hundred distinct (by ReplicaID) databases are being used how frequently by how many users. This is to determine which databases and applications can be retired and which ones must be converted or replaced in our new Exchange/Sharepoint environment.

For our purposes, we find your tool very nicely executed and complete for our needs. In a couple of hours I was able to put together a picture that would have taken days or weeks by other means.

Karl D. Swartzendruber

Database Activity and Power Tools

Thank you for Database Activity, it works like a dream. I also purchased Power Tools and although I only have had it for six hours it has already saved me over a week of boring work in changing mailfile owners of approx 600 users that were messed up in a recent domain change. I also caught myself feeling like a little kid at Christmas when I started thinking about what this program will do for me in terms of large mailfiles, quotas and so on.

Anders Malmquist

Database Activity

I just ran an analysis on my first server (using Database Activity), and recovered 7GB of disk space! Well done.

David Rendle

Power Tools

Before we purchased Power Tools, every time I needed to update an ACL or open someone's mail file I had to open a remote session to one of the servers and then open the mail file, make the change close the mail file and then close the remote session. Now, I run the ACL agent in Power Tools to update new mailboxes with an administrator ACL entry. I can now open those mail files from my administration workstation directly. It makes managing mail files much easier.

I also use the Power Tool agents for creating and managing groups. With these agents I never need to worry about adding new users to groups, Power Tools handles it for me.

Lance Jurgensen
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center

Power Tools

Power Tools is my preferred tool for managing our Domino/Notes environment. In an era when the technology is getting more and more complex, Power Tools makes my life easier.

Carol Anne Ogdin
Deep Woods Technology, Inc.

Power Tools

If someone can't find something nice to say about Power Tools, it's only because they're not using it. I've been using Power Tools for about two years now and have found it to be indispensable. Having the product has been like having my own personal systems programmer at my disposal. It's a great collection of essential Notes administration utilities. Although I do not use all of the features of the product (who would?), I have come to rely on a quite a few of the utilities. Granted, some of the included utilities could have been developed in-house, but the cost would have easily been many times more than the price of Power Tools.

I've just submitted my budget for the upcoming year, and I was sure to include the cost of Power Tools maintenance. I would recommend Power Tools to any Notes Administrator without reservation.

Christopher Farrell
Notes Architecture & Administration Supervisor
New York State Department of Taxation & Finance

Power Tools

Power Tools' Find Mail File Attachments utility came in real handy during [a recent virus scare]. Power Tools enabled me to search through all our email databases for ZIP file attachments. I was able to easily sort and delete emails that had suspicious ZIP file attachments and/or were 22 bytes in size.

Miles Nakamura

ID Manager, Power Tools and Database Activity

Power Tools, ID Manager and Database Activity make our Notes Administration group highly efficient. They are secure and effective tools that definitely make Notes Adminstration a possible task. These tools are a must have!!!

Joe Francise

Power Tools

Notes administration tasks that would have taken me hours and even days now can be done in a matter of seconds. I guess the name is most definitely appropriate in this case.

Anthony Lamb
Application Administrator
Moldflow Pty

ID Manager and Power Tools

We are big fans of your PowerTools and ID Manager products here.

Kirk Rogers

Power Tools

Power Tools is invaluable from a security perspective. Power Tools really helped us clean up our Name and Address Book. We identified ACL entries and group membership for users that were no longer employed here. We were able to easily remove them across all servers. We found mail files that had been unused for long periods of time and determined that these were people that had never been removed from the system. These types of accounts can easily be hijacked if the Notes ID files have been shared or compromised.

Power Tools also makes it easy to scan your log files for users attempting unauthorized access to resources.

Corporate IT Security Manager

Power Tools

Power Tools are wonderful! Every Notes admin should a copy since these tools are essential. They have made some Notes tasks, which would have consumed a large amount of time, to be completed in seconds. Great job!

Al Wendt
Vector Research Inc

Power Tools

We really like Power Tools and all of the time it saves our entire Notes infrastructure team. Nearly every week we have a new problem it helps us solve or identify. It is also very nice to get reports, on the fly, for most of the information a Notes Administrator needs.

For the money, you won't find a better product out there.

Brad Street
IBM Notes Planner/Administrator

Power Tools

Power Tools was fantastic and helped me extensively with automating admin Notes tasks, expecially troubleshooting.

Peter Glover

Power Tools

We use Power Tools and other Helpsoft Notes administration tools and find them to be of an enormous help in our ability to manage our world wide network of IBM Notes servers.

Stu Cozart
World Vision

Power Tools

Power Tools is the best IBM Notes application I've used this year. It really helps in managing your domino system.

Alfredo Avila Muñoz
Gollek Servicios

ID Manager and Power Tools

I was recommended to Helpsoft - always a good start in my opinion. I bought single copies of Power Tools and ID Manager which together enabled me to make significant improvements to the management of the IBM Notes infrastructure within Aon Consulting UK. As with all good things its difficult to keep quiet about them, I was and am more than willing to recommend the Helpsoft products.

Through my participation with our sister companies, other parts of the Aon group, both in Europe and the US began to take an interest. This culminated in the purchase of a global licence by Aon. The products are useful - they're practical and in my experience they bring value many times over their cost. I am also impressed by the growth in the products since we first used them - new products and enhancements to the existing ones.

Phil Rush
AON Consulting UK

Power Tools

I've just had my company purchase the PowerTools software. It's fantastic!

Frank Bridgeford

Power Tools

I think you have a very good product and one which I feel should be on the desks of all Domino Administrators.

The one thing about Power Tools that I keep coming back to is the usability and simplicity of the interface. It is extremely easy to setup and get going.

Another of the huge benefits of Power Tools is the simple ability to schedule several basic administration requests to occur at server off-peak times.

After working with Power Tools, I was amazed at how easy it became to simply schedule the work, head home and know the tools were working away. This capability allowed me to avoid many long evenings of waiting for servers to crunch through routine requests and give me rudimentary information necessary to keep our systems running.

Julian Harrington

Power Tools

I've been a Notes Administrator since the early release 3 days, countless times I have wanted to do some of those awkward everyday things that the Notes Admin tools don't allow, I have always been too busy to learn and develop the necessary LotusScript and then along came "Power Tools". It really does make my job easier on lots of occasions. Helpsoft have always been very responsive to questions and suggestions, and on those odd occasions when problems do arise, they always come up with a fix very quickly. Keith Adley Millenium IT Management

Keith Adley
Millenium IT Management

Power Tools

I have a lot to say about Power Tools as we use it quite extensively.

It has been very helpful at increasing our productivity and especially the ACL functions we use a lot, just as well as the Mail utilities."

Victor Toal

Power Tools

We were looking for a IBM specific management software. I can say we tested all of products in the market but no one else useful like Power Tools. Let's look at the impressive features; First of all it is just for Notes. Not a general management solution software like others. -Platform independent.(Linux, Windows, Unix etc) - Great technical support (You can communicate with same technical language) - You can manage every step and every detail your Notes environment.

We fixed:
- 10.855 wrong ACL type
- 4.299 left person ACL entry
- 38 attached id in person doc
- 275.827 Log error message
- 83 empty groups
- 55 wrong owner mail box
- 754 undeleted mail box via adminp on servers> 9.5 Gbata

I recommend every single person related with Notes and Domino.

Gokmen Eris
Yapi Kredi Bank

Power Tools

"I purchased a product (Power Tools) from your company a couple of years ago and love it - now I have need for the History aspect and would like to test it to see if it works!!

I love your products! They are very helpful to administrators who don't have a lot of time to write agents, etc."

Jeff Gates
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway

Power Tools

We have been using Power Tools for some time now to help us administer a very large Domino Server Base worldwide. We can now maintain accurately our Hub/Spoke architecture, maintain groups, check databases, especially mail files prior to upgrades and many more admin chores, in minutes instead of hours or even days. All of this has enabled us to be proactive instead of reactive, great tool.

Gary White
Oxfam GB

Power Tools

Thanks for coming thru for us. Your tool (Power Tools) found 700 obsolete mail files. The admin's here love the features.

JP Liggett

Power Tools

By the way, I just wanted to let you know that Power Tools is great! It has already saved me hours of boring tedious work!

Jim Sheets

ID Vault Toolkit

The ID Vault Toolkit did make my life a lot easier. I had the following task to perform. I was engaged by a company that was selling off part of their company. The company being split required that none of the users were to have an IBM Notes client. This caused an issue for migrating users to the new certifier as they didn't have their IDs in their mail files nor the person documents. With this tool, I was able to extract their IDs from their original vault, migrate the IDs to a new certifier and upload their IDs to their mail files and vault.

Kylee Hudson


I want to feedback to you that we are using GroupFlow for all our Group Management with a resounding success.

Stephen Hicks


We're just now fully deploying the application (GroupFlow) and it's great! I don't know if it's of much interest to you, but we've just completed migrating/consolidating nine different Domino domains into one. As part of our migration, we pulled the local site admins permission's to directly modify the Domino Directory. Since our environment is almost entirely controlled by group permission's now, the ability to make changes to groups was important to those site admins, and they were none to happy about losing direct editing rights -- until I showed them GroupFlow. Site admins love it because they now have a full audit log of all group changes. I love it because I can now distribute out the grunt work of maintaining groups. Being able to hide groups from editing is just an awesome feature.

We are scrubbing our groups now to assign correct permission's in the "Administrators" and "Owners" fields on groups. Once complete, we'll be able to turn on some of the automatic approval features which will be even better!

also want to thank you for releasing such great tools at awesome prices! I've seen a lot of Domino development companies release products that are so high priced that us small-mid sized companies can't afford them (also they are ridiculously priced for their quality). The HelpSoft tools are priced perfectly for us and they pack a wicked punch!

Mike Munnis

Find Unused Groups

I found close to 2000 unused groups in our directory. Most were left over from various projects we had over the years. I had always wondered if these were being used and now I can can identify these groups as being obsolete. Definitely will bring the over all size of our NAB down

Rashid Malik

Find Unused Groups

Thanks for the on-going support, this is already a great bit of software and it keeps getting better. After 2 months of monitoring we have in excess of 8,000 groups which have still not been flagged as being in use - which represents 74% of the total number of groups we have in our Domino Directory.

Glynn Chilvers