Admin tools for Notes & Domino.


Automate time consuming tasks.

Power Tools: Monitor and manage ACLs, agents, attachments, database properties, mail files, groups, LOG.NSF, orphan documents, reader and author fields, replication, replication or save conflict documents, SMTP work queues, templates, and more.


Offload time consuming tasks.

Take time consuming tasks like user ID and group management away from the Domino administrator and give them to the help desk or human resources.

ID Manager: Automate Notes ID creation, distribution, termination and maintenance processes. ID Manager adds workflow to these tasks making it possible to offload them to non-administrators without giving them direct access to certifier IDs and other critical IBM Notes components.

GroupFlow: Automate and add workflow to group creation and management while restricting access to the Domino directory. Automate group creation, deletion, adding and removing members, changing owners, changing group names and more.


Discover things that would be difficult to find without the right tool.

Database Activity: Find unused Notes databases.

Find Unused Groups: Find unused groups in the Domino directory.

Server Config Toolkit: Find inconsistent settings in server documents, configuration documents and NOTES.INI files.

Mail Stats: Find users that use Notes mail the most and the least.

ID Vault Toolkit: Find IDs that are missing from the Domino ID Vault.